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Scaling & Root planing

The other name for Scaling & Root planing is conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy and deep cleaning it varies from person to person the bacterias removes toxins. This toxin will highly affected in plaque and tartar make the root of the teeth in very damge condition. To avoid this problem brush your teeth twice are thrice in a day.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is typically done under anesthesia, it causes damage in plaque and tartar. After anesthesia will taken effect it seperates the gums from the teeth to give access to the roots and the supporting ligament and bone tissue. The tooth roots can be cleaned, the treated area will be cure by medicines and antibiotics.

Bone Graft Placement

Bone grafting could be a surgical treatment that uses transplanted bone to repair and reconstruct diseased or damaged bones. A bone graft could be a alternative for repairing bones almost anywhere in your body. Your surgeon may take bone from your hips, legs, or ribs to perform the graft. Sometimes, surgeons also use bone tissue given from cadavers to perform bone grafting.

Periodontal Splinting

Periodontal Splinting is also know as Weak Teeth. Loose teeth are uncomfortable, particularly once you try to eat food or chew gum. the sensation of the tooth pulling removed from the gum is enough to send chills down your spine. It feels like an eternity, expecting either the tooth to become loose enough to be extracted or strong enough to no longer be a problem.


To stop gum disease from progressing, we could advise periodontal medical care, or deep cleaning. This gets eliminate the bacteria within the pocket and provides the mandatory conditions for healing to occur.There is some confusion about the difference between scaling and root planing. Scaling is basic step of removing dental tartar from the surfaces of the teeth. curettage or root planing is that the process of smoothing the root surfaces and removing any infected tooth structure